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This is our chance to tell you that in our cafeteria, we continue the long backing tradition of Hannah Weinberg of whose nickname was "Hannah Baker". 
Hannah was baking cakes at the hotel since 1964, according to her experience as a bakery owner abroad. Her famous apple pies were stolen and eaten long before they were fully cooked. 
Today we offer a selection of homemade cakes made specifically in her tradition.

The cafeteria serves the guests of the hotel and many visitors will stop to visit the "Eitan Lookout" which is located on the hotel roof. 
Stop for coffee and cake, and climb to the observation deck - a dream beyond your expectations. 
Also, in the cafeteria we serve desserts such as milkshakes, ice cream, many different types of quality coffee, home made salads, toasts and other homemade delicacies.
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